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Purnava Hand Sanitizer
Tk 150.00 Tk 150.00 Tk 150.00 150.0 BDT
Kills 99% germs without water. Developed under a top-notch lab facility, this rinse-free & non-sticky hand sanitizer ensures to keep your hands completely germ-free.
Bliss Capsule
Tk 20.00 Tk 20.00 Tk 20.00 20.0 BDT
Milk thistle (Silybum marianum) preparations have been used in European medicine for over 2,000 years to treat liver & biliary tract diseases. The US National Formulary requires that Milk thistle preparations contain no less than 20% Silymarin, calculated as silybin, silydianin & silychristin. Treatment with Milk thistle appears to be safe & well tolerated. Indicated for Jaundice, Fatty liver disease, Hepatitis, Alcoholic liver damage, Drug induced hepatotoxicity, Liver cirrhosis, Liver disease secondary to diabetes mellitus, Indigestion.
JeeBee Capsule
Tk 600.00 Tk 600.00 Tk 600.00 600.0 BDT
"Ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba) is one of the oldest living species of tree on earth. It is also one of the best-selling herbal supplements in the United States and Europe, originating two hundred million years ago. A single tree can live as long as 1,000 years and grow to a height of 120 feet. It has short branches with fan shaped leaves and inedible fruits. The leaves turn brilliant colors in the fall. Ginkgo biloba extract is approved in USA, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Denmark, Canada, Argentina, Mexico and many other developed countries of the world.

JeeBee (Ginkgo biloba) increases in alpha wave brain activity, decreases in theta wave activity. Improves activities of daily living (ADL) scores in people under 60 years old, improves mood and sleep also. Inhibits binding of platelet activating factor (PAF) to platelets resulting in inhibited platelet aggregation and increases blood fluidity."
Espirar Capsules
Tk 100.00 Tk 100.00 Tk 100.00 100.0 BDT
A head cold can hamper sleep, making for restless nights. Espirar’s combination of natural vapors from Levomenthol, Thymol, Chlorobutanol & Terpineol work gently to help you or your child breathe more easily.
Aliksir Capsule
Tk 12.00 Tk 12.00 Tk 12.00 12.0 BDT
Parachute Just for Baby - Baby Wash 100ml
Tk 155.00 Tk 155.00 Tk 155.00 155.0 BDT
ChiniGo Premium
Tk 120.00 Tk 120.00 Tk 120.00 120.0 BDT
ChiniGo Premium is made from stevia leaf extract – "Rebaudioside A" with better and improved taste. It has no calories, no carbohydrates and a zero (0) GI value. It also does not have the side effects of saccharin, sucralose, aspartame or acesulfame potassium based artificial sweeteners. ChiniGo Premium is a natural sugar substitute that is suitable for all.
Purnava Mosquito Repellent
Tk 175.00 Tk 175.00 Tk 175.00 175.0 BDT
Citronella oil in combination with Eucalyptus oil & Peppermint oil acts as a fantastic natural solution to repel mosquito like annoying insects from the body. Purnava Mosquito Repellent repels unwanted insects and safe guard your health with this easy to use product which can be sprayed directly on the skin and clothes. A reliable formula that soothes your skin and makes an environment-conscious choice.
Tk 575.00 Tk 575.00 Tk 575.00 575.0 BDT
Lactohil is a natural formula meant to promote the quality and quantity of milk. Lactohil is 100% safe and effective. It can be used as a tonic for physically weak nursing mothers. Breast milk production may increase within a couple of days of first Lactohil. However in order to ensure the best results, mother should continue taking lactohil for at least 15 days.
Nutrilina Capsules
Tk 720.00 Tk 720.00 Tk 720.00 720.0 BDT
Spirulina is a prokaryotic organism consisted of united cells, which form helicoid fibers. The spiral shape gave rise to its name – Spirulina. In its commercial use, the common name, Spirulina, refers to the dried biomass of the cyanobacterium, Arthrospira platensis and is a product of biological origin. Spirulina is a food of high nutritional value. It contains a variety of bioactive nutrients such as high biological value protein, iron, gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), beta-carotene (provitamin A), vitamin B complex, vitamin E etc. It has been found that only 3 gram spirulina powder can solve our total requirement of vitamin, mineral & protein for a day. Hence malnutrition and malnutrition related problems like – hair fall, skin problems can easily be solved with this.
Ginera Capsule
Tk 750.00 Tk 750.00 Tk 750.00 750.0 BDT
GoodGut Capsule (4 Billion)
Tk 16.00 Tk 16.00 Tk 16.00 16.0 BDT
Probiotics are living organisms, they can regenerate our digestive system with good microbes that neutralizes harmful ones. Conditions such as stress or genetic disorders, consumption of high fat, meat, sugar, chlorine and fluoride in drinking water, antibiotics, environmental toxins and many other factors harm the balance of our gut, that ultimately causes different health issues.

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